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Intelligent Motor The high-speed continuous 750W (peaking to 1100W) brushless geared hub motor with 80 Nm of max torque, which gives you a maximum power and be unstoppable on bad terrains....

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Intelligent Motor

The high-speed continuous 750W (peaking to 1100W) brushless geared hub motor with 80 Nm of max torque, which gives you a maximum power and be unstoppable on bad terrains. We’d love to let you feel the passion and enjoy the pleasure of cycling!

Motor Power
80Nm Max Motor Torque

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Our ebikes are equipped with dual 180mm hydraulic disc brakes, which give you maximum stopping power. With hydraulic disc brakes, the actuation moves both pads towards the rotor at the same time and with even pressure. The most important advantage of hydraulic disc brakes is that they automatically self-adjust as they wear down.

Large Capacity Battery

48V 20Ah (21700 Cells) Lithium-ion battery gives you longer range.
You are able to travel over 80 miles on a charge
using pedal-assist mode and 50 miles on throttle power mode.
We want to make everyone enjoy the ride longer!

Other Cool Features You’ll Love

The headlight is bright enough to let you see the road clearly in front of you when riding at nighttime.

The wider bike seat helps a lot with easing the pressure on your body, making bike rides more comfortable.

The integrated taillight combine with all these functions:
Night Light (turned on with the front light at the same time),
Brake Light,
Water-flow turning Signal Light.

On the right side of the handlebar, you will find the shifter of the SHIMANO 7-speed gear shift system.

On the left side of the handlebar, you will find the switch of the turning signal light, the horn button, and the button pad(control the power on/off, mode switch, pedal assist level, front light, etc.)

The cadence sensor pedal assist helps you ride easily.
On pedal assist mode, you can save more physical pedal on long-distance cycling.The all-steel chain sprocket provide reliable protection to your chains and better safety when you pedal.

The SHIMANO 7 speed freewheel lets you shift to a larger cog for uphill riding and downshift to a smaller cog for high-speed cycling. During the pedal-assist mode, you can control the speed better with the gear shift system.

You'll be able to carry a bike bag or other gear on the rear rack, making a bike-packing trip or daily more convenient. The fenders are installed both front and rear and help keep your bike and belongings clean during your ride.

  • Size and Fit
  • Core Specs
  • Other Specs
  • Handlebar Height
    Handlebar Reach
    Frame Size
    Stand-over Height
    Total Length
    Seat Tube Length
    Top Tube Length
    Crank Length
    Head Tube
    Handlebar Width
    Seat Post Diameter
    Seat Height(Minimum - Maximum)
    Total Weight
    81.5 lb (with rear rack, fenders, battery installed)
    Bottom Bracket Height
Bee Pathfinder Step-thru

Bee Pathfinder Step-thru has a lower step-through height to fit more riders and it has the same design as Bee Pathfinder to boost the comfort with an adjustable hydraulic front fork and seat suspension and better aesthetic design with Crater-Free welding technology leaving no welding scars on the frames of the bike, making your bike eye-catching on the streets. Moreover, we’ve equipped it with 180mm hydraulic disc brakes and 26” X4” fat tires for greater stopping power and all terrains, an easily removable built-in battery, and an intuitive user interface with a colored LCD screen that makes operating your bike a breeze. Inside it, it has a strong heart, a 48V 20Ah Lithium-ion Battery, which gives the bike a long range from 50 miles to 82 miles.

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      Absolutely the best, everything you could ask for. First 17 miles down and love them. The pedal assist is just amazing. If you are scouting thru 20 brands like I did, THIS THE ONE!!!——By Don

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